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Michigan's own weather-forecasting woodchuck refuses to leave house

You might look to the East Coast's Punxsutawny Phil for his annual Groundhog's Day prediction of more winter, or if you're more optimistic, the South's General Beauregard Lee, who says it'll be an early spring--but it would probably be smartest, around here, to ask Michigan's own Woody the Woodchuck.
Excerpt: Michigan’s weather-prognosticating woodchuck has made her annual Groundhog Day prediction. Well, sort of.
During today’s ceremony at the Howell Conference and Nature Center, Woody refused to leave her house, signalling six more weeks of winter.
The whole story can be found here.
Source: The Detroit Free Press

Mt. Pleasant Discovery Museum celebrates one-year anniversary

It's hard to believe it's been a year since the Mount Pleasant Discovery Museum opened its doors. The children's museum isn't resting on its achievements so far, though; it's already planning a new expansion.
Excerpt: Continuing to provide the community with new, hands-on activities and volunteering opportunities, the Mount Pleasant Discovery Museum is planning an expansion one year after its opening.
Through the use of funding from private donations from companies like Charter Communications and Isabella Bank, the Discovery Museum was able to finish construction on Dec. 28, 2012. Since then the museum has seen a steady increase in memberships and would like to expand in the near future.
The whole story is online here.
Source: Central Michigan Life

Bay City taking suggestions for new street name

The development Uptown Bay City is ticking right along, and a part of the process is coming up with a name for the new street along the development. If you want to weigh in, read on.
Excerpt: Brownhoist Avenue? Dockside Way? How about Sunset Boulevard?
Those are just a few ideas that the public has offered up to name the street closest to the Saginaw River at the new Uptown Bay City site. SSP Associates, the developer for the $50 million project, is asking fans of its Uptown Bay City Facebook page for creative street name suggestions.
The rest of the story can be found here.
Source: Mlive.com

Saginaw angler reels in surprise sturgeon

Lake sturgeon have been the focus of a lot of conservation effort across the Great Lakes, so the news of two separate ice fishermen in Saginaw catching them this winter has interesting implications.
Excerpt: While ice fishing for walleye in the Saginaw River earlier this month, Dave Tanney didn’t expect to pull a 61-inch prehistoric-looking fish from the depths of the river.
But he did. Tanney of Belding is the second angler this winter to report catching a live sturgeon on the Saginaw River or Bay.
For the rest of the story, go here.
Source: Mlive.com

Former Great Lakes Loon Kershaw signs record-breaking contract

Clayton Kershaw is making news in the sports world for his giant contract he just signed with the L.A. Dodgers, but for Great Lakes Loons fans, there's an additional level of love.
Excerpt: Former Great Lakes Loons star Clayton Kershaw signed a record $215 million contract with the Los Angeles Dodgers, according to mlb.com.
The contract is for seven years, but Kershaw has an opt-out clause after five years.
The average annual value of $30.714 million breaks the record annual salary in baseball. 
For the whole story, go here
Source: Mlive.com

Michigan Notable Books named for 2014 include links to mid-Michigan

One of the must-read books on the Michigan Notable Books list for mid-Michigan residents has to be Tear Down: A Memoir of a Vanishing City, which is about Flint and its transition toward being a new kind of town.
Excerpt: The Library of Michigan today announced the 2014 Michigan Notable Books – 20 books celebrating Michigan people, places and events.
"Michigan is rich in talented writers, history, and resources," said State Superintendent Mike Flanagan. "Our Notable Books for 2014 express the wonderful variety of character, tone, and flavors that are purely Michigan."
The whole list is available online here.
Source: The Library of Michigan

Clare's Cops & Doughnuts offers up celery & carrot treats for New Year's dieters--no, not really

To counteract the slowdown bakeries see in January as people try to eat more healthily, Clare bakery Cops & Doughnuts tried a new marketing tactic.
Excerpt: The holidays are over and a new year has begun, which can be bad news for bakeries as eating right and losing weight are popular resolutions.
"This is the slowest time of the year for bakeries," said Alan White, co-owner of Cops & Doughnuts in Clare.
For the whole story, go here.
Source: Mlive.com

The latest on the East End development near Dow Diamond in Midland

New development in the heart of Midland is always a good thing, and progress is rolling right along on the major East End development.
Excerpt: Construction of downtown Midland’s East End development, a large building located across the street from Dow Diamond, is nearly complete. Tenants are taking over their spaces inside the 225,000-square-foot facility to begin interior design work.
The mixed-used development will house restaurants, retail shops and office space.
For the entire story, click here.
Source: Mlive.com

Gov. Snyder talks future of Saginaw, Flint

Governor Rick Snyder sat down for a Q& A about the future of mid-Michigan cities with the Saginaw News and Flint Journal. Police presence and blight demolitions were tops on the list of questions.
Excerpt: Gov. Rick Snyder said he is hopeful about the state's future.
The Saginaw News and Flint Journal editorial boards sat down with Snyder on Monday, Dec. 16, to look back at his first three years in office and ahead at the final year of his four-year term.
The whole interview is online here.
Source: Mlive.com

NerdWallet says Midland, Bay City are among best places to find a job

Unemployment rates and cost of living are working in mid-Michigan's favor when it comes to job hunting, according to a new ranking online.
Excerpt: Midland and Bay City are among the best places in Michigan for job seekers, according to consumer advocacy site called NerdWallet.com.
NerdWallet.com took into consideration city growth, cost of living and unemployment rates when ranking the cities. 
Midland ranked No. 2 on the list. Bay City took the No. 15 spot. 
For the whole story, go here.
Source: Mlive.com

Mt. Pleasant recognized for entrepreneurship

If you're looking for a good place to start up a new business, you could do a lot worse than Mt. Pleasant, according to a recent research project.
Excerpt: Mt. Pleasant may not be a first thought when someone plans on starting up a business in Michigan.
But the city of Mt. Pleasant is one of eight communities to be recognized as an area that fosters entrepreneurial growth and economic development by an annual eCities research project.
For the whole story, click here.
Source: The Morning Sun

25 things to do in the Saginaw area for the holidays

The holidays are upon us, and with that comes as many events as you can find to attend--which might be great when the kids are out of school, or hectic as you try to fit it all in. Either way, here's a list of things not to miss.
Excerpt: Regardless of your faith or traditions, December is a busy time of year.
Many people spend the month planning, shopping, celebrating, volunteering and visiting with family and friends.
The holiday season also can be a stressful time.
The whole list is online here.
Source: Mlive.com

Jeff Daniels returns to Bay City's State Theater

Actor and musician Jeff Daniels will be playing in Bay City in January, and it looks like it'll be a sold-out show. He'll also be in Mt. Pleasant if you miss out on this date.
Excerpt: Bacigalupo said Daniels' shows in 2006 and 2009 were sold out and he expects the upcoming show to also sell out.
"This will be one of the hottest tickets at the State Theatre in 2014," said Bacigalupo. "I will be selling 552 seats. In fact, people have already seen it on our website and have already purchased tickets."
The entire rundown is available here.
Source: Mlive.com

Hemlock students using Chromebooks

Oh, how the times are changing. When most of us were in middle school, the idea of having a laptop computer was simply a flight of fancy. But now? Well, it's pretty commonplace, like at Hemlock Middle School. 
Excerpt: Brianna Wichman looked at her house from 450 miles in space and clicked a few buttons to zoom in on it. She then had to figure out how to copy the image and insert it, along with a map, into a presentation; such is the life of a sixth-grader at Hemlock Middle School.
Students in Bohn’s sixth grade class use Chromebooks as a normal part of their day.
“I like the Chromebooks, they’re cool,” Wichman said. “They’re fun to use. It’s a lot more fun than using paper and pencil.”
For the remainder of the story, read on
Source: Midland Daily News

Saginaw County's Nexteer Automotive announces new products, finalist for Automotive News PACE awards

Nexteer Automotive just keeps finding new ways to improve, expand and offer more specialized products. And, guess what? They're at it again. 
Excerpt: Saginaw County’s Nexteer Automotive has announced two new products, Magnasteer with Torque Overlay and Smart Flow, and together they are a finalist for the 2014 Automotive News PACE awards.
Magnasteer with Torque Overlay and Smart Flow are designed to bring driver-assist functionality and power consumption benefits to vehicles beyond the traditional operating range of electric power steering, company officials said in a news release.
More information is available here
Source: Mlive.com
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